As the owner of LLIS, I am firmly committed to excellence in interpreting. My personal experience with interpreting dates back to 1976. I am a native speaker of Spanish, and in that year I became the first translator/interpreter for the State of California. I worked in that capacity, and as the liaison for the American Translators’ Association from 1975 to 1981. In 1981 I became a mother and home-maker, but maintained my commitment to the Spanish community. In 1982 I was elected President of Círculo Hispano, an organization dedicated to promoting the culture and linguistic heritage of all Spanish-speaking nations.

Some years later I served as the Honorary Consul of Chile in Sacramento. Since returning to interpreting eight years ago, my business has more than doubled annually. In response to increased demand, I have expanded my staff. I now work with an outstanding team of interpreters who are carefully trained to provide the best services possible, in compliance with the California Code of Ethics for Interpreters. Our interpreters are fluent in English and Spanish and highly sensitive to the needs of Limited English Speakers.